From the fantastic to the frankly baffling

Leeds Light Night again did what it said on the tin. A collection of the curious and the strange, as the brochure said. I mean, what was with the bear on the stairs bearing his soul (the Old School Board)? Or the dancers moving to what sounded like a very slow record played with a darning needle (front of the Town Hall)

Still, it takes all sorts…… My favourites were Leeds Intimate Film Theatre (LIFT) who decked out the goods life at the Electric Press and the Pegs and Bubbles at St John the Evangelist, great fun!

A special mention to the Pyramid of Arts Light Maze at Oxford Place put together with the help of a youth group and the Leeds University theatre and performing arts students whi demonstrated how good their memories were by reciting everything from the Pi to the zillionth point to a phone book.

As usual – far too much to see and too little time. Damn!



Today's lovely thing
Ligging around until late morning

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