About me

You know how, in a moment of what seems like inspiration, you set something going, then find you can’t stop it? Well that’s what happened to me with the whole stripey thing. It all started when I joined Flickr and had to come up with a name that wasn’t Anne, unless I wanted to be Anne10092 or AnneAnne. Don’t ask me where ‘stripey’ came from. I may have a couple of things in my wardrobe that could be loosely termed stripey, but there’s also a lot of red and orange too. Anyway, StripeyAnne it was and StripeyAnne it is – so much so that it’s the name used by nieces, nephews and friends’ children.

I’m very happy to be just called ‘Anne’, though will answer to anything so long as it’s not rude or inaccurate (I’m not replying to anything addressed to ‘Maths genius’ or ‘master navigator’). I’m a former journalist and keen photographer based in Leeds, England, currently working as a management consultant specialising in social marketing and communications. In an ideal world, I’d be living in the mountains where I could climb, ski, and trek my legs off. I’m working towards that ideal….. Fortunately my other half Noel is of the same mind!

Thanks for reading my blog – it really is just a stream of consciousness, free of politics and certainly with no intention to offend. You’ll notice a bit of a coffee theme as I am a bit of a coffee geek. I have an ongoing project to photograph coffees I drink, kind of like a caffeine-fuelled diary. From time to time Cat takes over the blog, he usually makes more sense than me.

We’d love to see your comments and are quite relaxed about being disagreed with. Please tell me who you are, as unattributed comments will be treated as spam.




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