Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

Believe it or not, when I was a little girl at school, I occasionally, from time-to-time, once in a blue moon, was told off for chatting, talking, laughing raucously. When I say occasionally, it happened maybe once or twice. A day.

At that age, I had a lot to say, speech and vocabulary were new and I wanted to use them before they got old and frayed. The world was full of wonder and wonder cannot be expressed in silence. Least of all by a five-year-old.

Fast forward a few years. I’m all grown up now. I can chatter, talk and laugh raucously wherever and whenever I want without anyone yelling Anne, would you like to tell EVERYONE, as you seem to find it more interesting than the lesson or, even more pointed, Anne, will you SHUT Up for JUST ONE MINUTE? Don’t you EVER pause for breath? Or even worse Anne, come OUT to the front of the class and face the wall. And there I would stay for the rest of the lesson.  I knew every paint chip, chack and biro mark in that corner. It became my corner.

So circuit training with teacher Mike is always fun. Plenty to talk about with my circuitry buddies. Exercise for the body, mind and jaw…. Cheryl, Lizzie and I like to catch up – on news, that is, not the four-minute mile. But Mike has other ideas. And he can’t say he didn’t warn us…

It started with a typical teacher-like

WHAT did I say? Anne? Lizzie?

Errrrr – ten star jumps and a grapevine?


This went on for a few weeks. Then Mike got his own back. He made us all badges which we had to wear for the WHOLE of the class.

I was speechless. Which was the idea. He rest of the class was VERY amused.

And Mike is nothing if not fair… we all earned a gold star. I‘ll add it to my collection, it doesn’t take up much space!

Today’s lovely thing

A flower spike on my orchid!

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