Bring on the Pot Noodles

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Tomorrow's the day

My pencils are sharpened. My shiny new satchel is holding my crisp new books.

I have my timetable, lessons plan and map of the campus.

There's a job lot of Pot Noodles and baked beans in the cupboard.

My new sensible shoes are already looking a little shabby. Just as they should. I've rubbed my fancy clothes with sandpaper to give them that worn look. And my tights have ladders.

Yes. I'm ready to be a student.

At my age you'd have thought I'd have matured and be settling down with a nice comfy undemanding job, what with retirement being nearer than the start of my career all those years ago.

But what with the credit crunch and pensions now being worth a couple of strings of beads and a camel, this whole taking a year out to be a student thing doesn't seem as daft as I first thought. After all, I'm going to have to work until I'm 96 anyway to have any sort of income, so I might as well have a break at this point.

So tomorrow I start my MA in Cinema, Television and Society at York University. It's pure self-indulgence. I'm going to learn. And be a student. My student days were limited to the on-the-job journalism training and block releases at Darlington College of Technology. No media studies in those days. A year as a full-time student will be a fascinating experience – and a learning curve in more ways than one.

Noel reckons I'll scare them to death. I reckon I'll be frustrated with the transition from real world to the world of academia. I have promised not to use the word 'bollocks' on my first day. I'll even try to make it through the first week. There's no promises after that.

And I've vowed there will be some words I will not use in my essays and dissertaion. Like 'posit' or 'rubric'. I'll add to the list as I go on. I suspect there will be a lot more by the end of the week.

But I can't wait for this new experience. There's so much to learn – and so many new people to meet.

Today's lovely thing
A welcome-to-studenthood present. Now I too am an IPodder

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