31 days running

31 selfies from my Marcothon challenge

Round about the middle of the month after we’d skied until our legs wobbled and returned to a roaring log fire to thaw out and prepare for a hearty meal cooked by someone else, I may have waivered. My running gear was ready for me, I wasn’t necessarily ready for it. We were at 1650m, it was dark, it was cold, there were hills everywhere, I wanted a long, hot shower to wash away the aches, but I had to run, I’d made a commitment, I couldn’t back down.

So out I went, joined by Noel who wanted to make sure I didn’t fall over (as if) or get lost (no comment). A minimum of 25 minutes or 5km every day in December, that’s the Marcothon Challenge , brainchild of ultra runner Marco Consani. I did it last year and it seemed like a good idea to do it again this year. Was WAS I thinking? I mean, I don’t even get a medal. Still, a commitment is a commitment and I could do with the exercise, there was just the little matter of a ski holiday in between and skiing doesn’t count as running.

But I did it, I ran every day, I didn’t fall over and I didn’t get lost. The washing machine worked overtime with all the kit, I think I wore out a pair of trainers and put immense strain on my sports bras. Now all I need to do is figure out my running challenges for 2017. It’ll start on New Year’s Day with a double parkrun, then, who knows? Maybe a marathon, actually no, not a marathon, not this year, not ever, not never. Well…… never say never.

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