A month of wildness

#30DaysWild starting in the garden

When I’m invited to release my inner wild, every day for a month, I don’t need to RSVP, I’m right there, craziness in my back pocket, silliness  draped around my neck, and exuberance on my head. And I won’t be the only one.

Throughout June, wildness will abound as thousands of like-minded nature-lovers carry out random acts of wildness at the invitation of the Wildlife Trusts. It’s a genius idea to get us all thinking about nature and the great outdoors. I mean, why oh why would you not spend time outside in the glorious open air, even if it is raining, for every  minute?  you possibly can?

The premise of #30DaysWild is simple, do something to show you love nature every day. It could be running barefoot across the grass, though with this unseasonal cold weather, beware of chilblains, making a daisychain and wearing it for a meeting at work (I’ll be doing that, it messes with their heads), picking up litter, feeding the birds, going cold turkey on social media, or just taking time to marvel at our beautiful world. I’m up for all that, will you join me?

I’ll be tweeting my wildness each day .

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