The hills will be alive…..

Another hill done!
Another hill done!

I’m training, it’s official, it must be, the evidence is stuck right there on the fridge. I see it every time I go into the kitchen, a large chart with a grid representing 12 weeks of seven days. There’s something written in each square, something for me to do, something energetic, or stretchy, there’s even a square that says ‘rest’, but there’s not many of those.

I can’t complain, I brought it all on myself. I asked Women’s Running if I could be one of the three members of the Project Trail team, they said ‘yes’. When I tell my mates I’ve won a prize, they are impressed. When I tell them the prize is to run a strenuous half marathon on the Welsh coast in November, they are less impressed and more sympathetic. ‘Your prize is to RUN? In winter? Up hills?” I’m asked. Yes it is, and do you know what? I’m looking forward to it.

Part of the Project Trail package is help from a professional trainer. Anne-Marie has put together a tailored training plan which she has assured me will help me skip up the hills. Hills are definitely my worst thing, I’m not just slow, I’m glacial. So it was no surprise at all for my plan to habe hills. Long hills, short hills, hilly hills. In my head, I’m going to wave a magic wand and there I’ll be, gliding up the hills, loving every step, maybe even doing my best Julie Andrews impression. Sometimes my head misleads me.

So it’s week one, though before Project Trail I’d already entered the Yorkshireman Half and, for a bit of extra training, one leg of the six-leg Leeds Country Way, which are both in September. I think I’m going to be a bit tired!

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