Let the children sing!

Gary Barlow would be proud as we Sing!
Gary Barlow would be proud as we Sing!

Wear red, we were asked, it’s the colour of their school uniform. Not much of a stretch for yours truly, whose wardrobe radiates the entire spectrum from orange to red, the only problem was, which red garment to choose!

The special Red Occasion was a joint singathon with children from St Mathias School, which is just down the road from where our choir rehearses and performs. We love to sing, especially in the flattering acoustics of the former church now known as Left Bank. And we all know that children love to sing!

We’d rehearsed separately, so when it came to performing together, well, it was anyone’s guess what would happen. As Eric said, we may sing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order.

Fortunately for all concerned, especially the parents who’d turned up to hear the children and the grown-ups sing Gary Barlow’s Sing, we hit most of the notes in more or less the same order. It was glorious! And then? Well, we had cake of course!

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