Dreaming of a quiet White Christmas

The girls at White Christmas

Oooo, I didn’t know where to look. Who’d have thought a bunch of pensioners could make so much racket? And in the theatre too. And on the front row.Wolf whistles indeed.

I should have known really, they had previous, in the library of all places. Everyone on the village knows there’s no silence every other Monday when the Knitwits, a gaggle of mature ladies, meet to click needles and wag tongues. I’m used to giving them a good listening to, but thought it would be safe to book a theatre visit, a social outing with the Ladies of the Wool. Everyone behaves in the theatre. Nearly everyone, it turns out.

It being the season to be merry, we got tickets for a matinee performance of White Christmas at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. By the time I arrived to meet them for a little light lunch, they had already queued, got the best of the buffet and had managed to get themselves on the noisiest table in the entire restaurant, possibly the whole Leeds.

I put it down to high spirits as they joked with the restaurant and theatre staff. Naturally I was quiet and reserved, as always.As we filed down the steps to the front row, I detected a definite giddiness. I wondered about nipping backstage to warn the cast that there was a lively bunch of pensioners, who might at any point get up and do something unpredictable, but thought better of it as I saw the size of the bouncers.

Sweets with crinkly wrappers were passed around, but they soon settled down to enjoy what turned out to be an uplifting and enjoyable performance. There was a definite boisterousness on the front row, and some impromptu, though not rowdy, singing.

Come the finale, the excitement had reached fever pitch. And as the applause filled the auditorium, there was piercing whistling and raucous cheering. It sounded so loud it could have been right next to me, actually, it was. Yes, it was the Knitwit party showing appreciation. I was impressed, I’ve never been able to do that.

As we left, my ears still ringing, they were keen to know what our next outing would be. Soon, I said, soon. just let me recover from this one first.

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