In want of a good home

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a stray cat in possession of cuteness must be in want of a a good home”

Someone had opened a can of very cute cats, they were everywhere, tails up, miaows, mews, purrs and the odd hiss as all vied for position in the expectation that a lap would become available to sit on very soon. For one, it was sooner than any of us had expected.

We were at the One Paw Cat Rescue with heavy hearts following the death of our lovely cat. The house was just too empty without him, and despite agreeing to wait a little while to replace the irreplaceable, there we were, within days of losing him, carrying a miaowing cat basket and promising to be back the following week for the second cat who had chosen us.

What? Who said anything about TWO cats? We certainly didn’t, but as all of those who live with cats know, it’s not up to us. In our naive minds, we were going to look at, that’s just look at a male cat, a younger version of what we’d lost, easy enough. We did that, we looked at him, and yes, we agreed, we would take him. He looked at us and in that feline way shrugged his shoulders and looked inscrutable, he supposed he’d let us give him a home. Whatever.

But sitting in a corner, away from the commotion and clamouring for attention, was one little tabby looking forlorn. She was called Lucky, and had enjoyed good fortune, being rescued as a stray in the family way, but after giving birth and losing two of her four kittens, she’d given up. She wasn’t eating, she was just pining and, we were told, needed to get out of the rescue into a quieter home. I looked at Noel, Noel looked at me, we both looked at Lucky. I nudged him, he nudged me back, the rest is history.

So now we have two cats. Lucky is now Hidey, because all she did when she first arrived was hide from us, so we thought that was a better name and Socks with his odd-sock black-and-white, white-and-black legs. The house is no longer quiet, especially at 5am when the two of them race up and down the stairs, or at 11pm when they repeat the racing. I predict there will be many feline adventures in their new home.

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