A right good listening to

So much listening to do!
So much listening to do!

Dorothy and Betty have seen life, each has run, skipped and now sedately walk this earth for more than seven decades and they have a lot to tell. So the very least I could do is give them a good listening to.

We met up today to eat cake, it was tough, but someone’s got to do it. It was in a good cause, as cake was scoffed all over the country to make the world’s biggest coffee morning in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity. I did my bit by having two massive slices of lemon polenta cake. Dorothy had a wedge of Victoria sandwich while Betty confessed she was partial to a jam tart. Or two.

I got to know them through the Knit Wits at Calverley Library. It’s a group of – ahem – mainly older ladies with a couple of younger hangers-on like me. They meet, get their knitting out and talk until all the donkeys in a five-mile radius limp. The pair of them always have tales to tell and pithy comments on the state of the world, along with suggestions about how it can be improved. I feel humbled in their company, they have seen so much life and have such a richness of experience. In fact, I’m usually lost for words, so I just get on with my knitting!

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