Let’s Get Digging!©

All your exercise requirements
All your exercise requirements

Having qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness, I’m extending my personal brand to provide not just an exciting new all-over workout but also nutrition for all my running friends, in what is set to become the new keep-fit craze.

StripeyAnne Let’s Get Digging!© is a tailored package designed for you, with new and different exercises to do in the great outdoors using a variety of specialist equipment (provided). What’s more, if you take advantage of the summer-autumn programme, along with a prestigious certificate, you’ll get your own bag of potatoes to either eat or use for weight-lifting, along with all the courgettes you can ever manage in your entire lifetime. They’re like that, courgettes.

Runners start with a warm-up jog from the nearby Exercise Studio, equipped with all modern facilities, which you’d expect from our house. Then gentle stretching using, let’s say garden forks, spades and hoes, and it’s down to Dynamic Weeding, the latest in all-over exercise that tunes the muscles you didn’t know you had. This is followed by Compost Binning, a clever little routine that involves stretching and turning and, if you’re a man, weeing in the compost bin.

As the programme progresses, you’ll love on to Kneel Plant, using smaller items of equipment to help with dexterity of hand movements and strengthening the knees. We finish with Harvest Hoe!, a return to the exercises used in Dynamic Weeding, getting down into the soil and lifting potatoes or picking courgettes. A must for any training programme.

Apply now, places are limited!

This new venture is not entirely unconnected to our recent acquisition of allotment which has been cultivating  couch grass and the pernicious goose grass known sniggeringly as ‘sticky willy’ along with buttercups and ox eye daisy which isn’t really a weed, it’s just in the wrong place.

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