I’d pay for that – and I’m from Yorkshire!

The Ghost Peleton - spooky!

The Ghost Peleton – spooky!

Tour de France fever is gripping Yorkshire. We’re getting quite giddy about the sporting spectacle but before they arrive, there’s a whole arts festival to celebrate all matters cycle and Yorkshire-related.

The latest arty goodness came in the form of bikes, lights and choreography. The wonderfully arty-farty Speed of Light teamed up with Phoenix Dance and a few dozen volunteer cyclists to produce the Ghost Peleton, a sport-light-art fusion with pulsating, music.

As darkness fell, and watched by 3000 people, the cyclists circled the huge Leeds city centre yard, making patterns with the lights on their bikes, their bodies and their helmets. It was hypnotic and soothing, they moved as one.

Amazingly, this wonderful performance was free, all we had to do was book, and we did in our thousands. But do you know what? It was so good, I’d have paid good money to see that – and I’m from Yorkshire!


  1. mail@benhartley.co.uk · May 20, 2014

    Exactly the word I used when watching it with a couple of friends – Hypnotic! It really was amazing and I’d have paid money too


  2. Ruth · May 20, 2014

    Looks great, an amazing photo!


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