Standing in judgement

An eye on the Eye on Asia
An eye on the Eye on Asia

What makes a great photo? And who’s to be the judge of that? Well, let’s face it, we all know a great photo when we see one, it makes us look closely, then stand back, then look closely again, usually uttering, ‘I wish I’d taken that!’ But as for judging which is best, oh dear, that task fell to me today. The stress of it all!

With my Exposure Leeds hat on, I was invited to be one of the judges of the University of Leeds Department of East Asian Studies’ Eye on Asia photo competition, along with Prof Peter Buckley, Director of Business at the Confucius Institute. Staff, students and a few others had responded to the simple brief to submit a superb photo taken somewhere in East Asia. Of the 300 entries,  about 40 were chosen to be displayed in the Parkinson Building, which was where our judging came in.

It got off to a good start, there were cakes. Cakes always make for a good start in my book. These particular cakes were being sold for the Red Cross relief effort in the Philippines which ended up raising £109, from visitors to the exhibition.

Choosing three winners wasn’t easy, though we were unanimous in our first choice. And as they’re not going to be announced until the end of the month, I’m keeping quiet, which is a challenge in itself! If you’re in Leeds, pop in and have a look, it’s definitely worth the detour.

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