Something beginning with C

Deux chevaux et une caleche (two horses and a carriage)
Deux chevaux et une caleche (two horses and a carriage)

Holidays are great. They are what we work for, what we look forward to, and what we plan for, sometimes to the minutest detail, it’s part of the fun. They take up a disproportionate time to prepare for, especially if there’s air travel. Especially, in our case, if Chambéry airport is involved.

I’ll skip over the seven-hour wait on the tarmac at Manchester Airport while the fog at our destination cleared. No, dammit, I won’t skip it. What were Jet 2 thinking of even boarding us when they knew Chambéry was closed? We were there so long the plane had to be moved to a garage forecourt just off the M60 and topped up with Esso Unleaded because we’d used so much fuel just keeping the toilets flushing. At least they didn’t run out of food, because they didn’t give us any, though water was available, I’m just not sure where they got it from. Zero out of ten, Jet 2.

Still, all this was soon forgotten when we arrived in the mountains, skis twitching to hit the snow, legs just crying out for that quadriceps burn, lungs expanding to grab the scarce oxygen at altitudes of 3,300m.  Yaaay, it’s holiday time!

But with the best will in the world, no-one, not even Noel with his ski instructor badge and certificate, can ski all day and all evening. Eating, drinking, shopping, hot-tubbing and sleeping aside, there’s still time to do stuff, useful stuff, holiday stuff.

Holiday minutes are precious and not to be wasted, so this week I’ve set myself a task, a creativity task. Not the kind of creativity where I make original shapes and art forms with my flailing body as I hit various obstacles on and off the piste and part company with the ground, skis, poles and, on occasions, backpack and goggles. Some people pay good money for that.

No, this week’s challenge is photographic, alphabetic and French. Each day I have set myself the task of finding and photographing something beginning with the letter C. I chose C because we’re in Courchevel, it’s as good a letter as any and gives me plenty of scope for another 26 holidays. And of course my words have to be in French, just to make it a bit more challenging. So far, I have café (of course), citron, clef, chaise and cheval, with the added bonus of a calèche (carriage) in the photo too. Well, it keeps me out of trouble.

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