Smug mode ‘on’

Spring-cleaned plates. In January. What is the world coming to?
Spring-cleaned plates. In January. What is the world coming to?

No-one likes a smartass, but in my defence, can I say this is out of character and is unlikely to happen again once the smugness and feeling of self-satisfaction has passed?

Like anyone else wanting to secure employment in these austere times, I make sure my Continuing Professional Development record is completed in time each year, as every employer seems to demand one. Of course, when I say ‘in time’, I mean just in time, with that urgency and focus of an approaching deadline many years in journalism have instilled in me.

It used to be easy when I started the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Developing Excellence scheme back in 2002 I could blather on and they gave me the points just to shut me up, but now it’s all online and real evidence has to be provided. The faceless, humourless computer program gets all stroppy when the right boxes aren’t completed or link added. Last year I was so near the wire with my return that I had to get special dispensation to complete it after the deadline. I vowed that would not happen again this year, my poor nerves wouldn’t stand it, besides, who wants to spend their Christmas doing CPD?

So I started early and finished early, receiving the accolade of ‘Your CPD is complete’, disappointingly the email didn’t arrive with a fanfare, though I expect the gold star to be arriving by special delivery any moment now.

Spurred on by the overwhelming smugness of completing something before a deadline, the packing is now done for our ski holiday, a full three days in advance, as opposed to the night before, or, if it’s an afternoon flight, that same morning, with the still-damp clothes washed the previous night chucked into a plastic bag  to dry en route.

And to top it all, I spring cleaned the kitchen cupboard. And it isn’t even spring! Of course, this kind of behaviour won’t last, it can’t, it’s soooo out of character!

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