Jackson Pollock trousers


I like it when I go to a shop and the staff are all wearing samples of the goods on sale. So I was particularly impressed to see the entire spectrum of available paint colours, textures and types spattered on the overalls of the helpful man who served me at Seagulls.

I’d always assumed that paint was like Plasticine, all bright and multicoloured in the wrappers, then within minutes of mixing, turning poo brown. But no, splash samples from tins stood out proud on the overalls of the staff, not to mention the counter, filing cabinets, paint tins themselves and a visiting dog that was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the mixer was turned to 11.  It looked like Jackson Pollock had run amok on a living canvas. I loved it!

Seagulls Paint Reuse is no ordinary paint emporium. It’s the place all those half-used cans that have cluttered up cellars, sheds and corners of kitchens, can go to find a new life. It’s a social enterprise which collects and reuses cans of paint, selling it to penny pinchers like me for a fraction of the original cost  – and in useable quantities. So finally the doorstep will get that coat of non-slip paint it needs and I’m only £3 out of pocket! Result!

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