Not so pretty in pink

Pink. Just say no!
Pink. Just say no!

I’ve never really had a passion for pink. Even as a little girl when all my mates were pretty in pink, I was running around in red and yelling in yellow, though more often than not, I was caked in mud, same old same old, eh?

When I trained as a colour and image consultant, I uncovered the real reason for my pink aversion. It turns out it was to do with the underlying Irishness of my skin, white and untannable, completely incompatible with girlie pink, so a genetic thing, then.

But there comes a point where a bargain, even if it is a pink bargain, has to be bought, half price can’t be ignored. So I said a cautious hello to a new lightweight waterproof, arguing that I didn’t need to look at myself in it.

I wore it, but never did like it, using it for emergencies, like last week when dashing to circuit training in torrential rain. In the changing rooms one of my fellow circuiteers was just taking her pink top out of her pink bag and tying her hair with a pink scrunchie. ‘Wow,’ I said, not able to stop myself speaking out in the face of so much pink, ‘you like pink, don’t you?’ She spotted my bargain and agreed. ‘Oh yes,’ she said. ‘And I love your coat’. I confessed I hated it, she glanced at her one non-pink item of clothing, a coat, like mine, except red. We were definitely both hatching the same exchange idea.

Within minutes, the deal was done, we both left the changing rooms happy with new coats in colours that suited us down to the ground. I love my new coat!

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