Three principles of good customer service

I’m passionate about good customer service to the extent of being a bore. In these days of tightened belts and empty coffers, anyone who wants to sell to me has to not only earn my money, as dammit I’ve had to work hard for it, but if they want my continued custom, they have to earn that loyalty too.

With recent experiences, three of them today, I’ve developed my own Customer Charter. It’s just for me, though anyone else is welcome to use it. There are just three clauses:

  1. Don’t treat me like an idiot. I’m all grown-up now and while I may be a bit flaky at times, that’s no reason to sneer at me, ignore me or shout at me or my friends. Particularly don’t yell ‘oi!’ at my friend who parks near my house which also happens to be near your over-priced and under-whelming bacon buttie shop. Neither she, I, nor anyone I know of responds to ‘oi!’. Nor do we understand the logic of not parking in that place because ‘the car may be written off’, when at the same time the space is needed ‘because I have a business to run’. Well, matey, you just lost yourself some business there.
  2. Tell me what’s going on. If you come to our house, all excited that you can replace our bathroom and promise to ‘be in touch’, then BE IN TOUCH. Don’t leave it for a couple of months and then apologise by saying when you’re asked where the quote is that you’re very busy and then suggest that the best way to get the bathroom done is to find someone else. Too bloody right we will. And no, we won’t bear you in mind next time we need a plumber.
  3. Surprise me, exceed my expectations. So when my very expensive glasses break for the second time in just over a year, don’t try and blame everything except the product, repair them free, then give me a discount on a replacement pair without me asking. You did, thank you, you made my day and I told you so.

It’s not difficult to give good service, I don’t ask that much. Earn my loyalty and I’ll recommend you to all my friends, it is a fact that personal recommendation trumps marketing and advertising every time. But if the service isn’t good, I’ll not be back and I’ll blab about you to everyone, just you wait and see.

So a big cheer  to Sparrow Eyecare, Pudsey – that’s their name, by the way, not the local avian optometrist. You’ll have my loyal custom for as long as I need eyecare, which will be a long time And a thumb to the nose of the others, you’ll never get another penny from me.

Spotted on a backstreet in Banff., it made me smile!
Spotted on a backstreet in Banff., it made me smile!


One thought on “Three principles of good customer service

  1. Sarah Hallett

    Thank you so much for your positive comments. We are so glad you enjoyed your experience at Sparrow Eyecare. Look forward to seeing you again. X

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