Embrace the ice

Ice comes in all shapes and colours
Ice comes in all shapes and colours.

Funny,  I thought as I skittered to a halt after a spectacular,  but rather untidy 50 metre breakdance move down one of the easiest slopes in Canada, ice and snow can be embraced in all their majesty and beauty. Yet on this occasion,  with a couple of kilos of the cold stuff working its way up my back to my sleeves and a further heap forcing its way down to my boots, I wasn’t so sure.

Back home,  the social media was as gridlocked as Leeds city centre traffic with stories of three centimetres of snow causing one-minute journeys to take hours. Schools were closed and everyone wanted to go home early. Again. No-one was talking about the unique crystalline structure of snowflakes.

As we drove the 50km from Banff to Lake Louise after a night storm we saw not one but two vehicles on their rooves, victims of the hazardous conditions. It was scary, but the police were soon on the scene and a procession of snowploughs made it safe for careful drivers.

After picking myself up from the breakdancing incident caused by poor style and not paying attention, I was in need of retail therapy. From Kicking Horse,  we headed for the small town of Golden, British Columbia. In common with all the towns in this frozen part of the world,  Golden celebrates snow and ice. This weekend sees the Snow King Masque Parade, which brings together snow and ice-related activities with err masks. We’ll  miss it, but got a sneak preview of the coloured ice sculptures made by local children using anything from plastic bottles to rubber gloves to make the ice shapes. Simple, but effective. Who says ice and snow aren’t beautiful?

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