Advent window #81

our advent window in reverse
our advent window in reverse

It’s definitely a left brain/right brain thing, that inability to picture how something looks in reverse and then make it so. Heck, I flinch when I see a photo of me with my parting on the wrong side, how does that happen? It looks fine in the mirror. My box of dressmaking rejects is full of pairs of right sleeves, cut from fabric folded the wrong way. And as for maps, let’s not go there, well I certainly don’t go there, I can’t read maps, even if they are the right way up.

So the challenge of transforming the window of our spare room into number 18 of the village’s huge Advent calendar made my brain hurt. Each day in December, someone somewhere in Calverley has decorated a window on the Christmas carol theme. They do something similar in nearby Saltaire, but they are posher, well it is a World Heritage Site.

Drawing on the window seemed to be a good idea and indeed it was for anyone wanting to see the other side of the Little Town of Bethlehem, though it looked fine in the room. Back to the drawing board with the solution at hand, thanks to Noel, who can do the transposing thing and can read maps, though his dressmaking skills are questionable. By doing the design on coloured cellophane, the back became the front and 81 became 18.

Next year I want to be number 8.


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