The failed jelly baby experiment

Here's looking at you..
Here’s looking at you..

Enthused and inspired by the super-bakers on The Great British Bake-Off and the supercooks on Masterchef, where every dish is served ‘with a twist’, I let my creativity go crazy in concocting a new kind of cookie.

As I weighed out the ingredients and made the gloopy mixture, tasting as I went along, licking out the bowl, just to make double sure it was absolutely perfect, you know, I could hear the Masterchef music and the voiceover….

“Anne is making a sugar cookie with a jelly baby centre, decorated with slivers of jelly baby and jelly baby bellies.”

Well, that’s what Anne set out to do, still full of ideas of treating her friends from the running club to a special homage to the energy booster of choice on those long runs, the jelly baby. What the voiceover actually did say was:

“Anne has made a batch of sugar volcanos, see how the molten jelly babies bubble and spews in the heat of the oven, sending a stream of molten lava-like sugar and dismembered bellies across the floor and into the cat’s dish. The black ones look particularly disgusting and the cat’s not impressed either.”

So that was the end of that, I chucked them in the bin, ate the rest of the jelly babies and made flapjacks. That was after I’d raced to the postbox and fished through the opening to retrieve my applications for The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef.

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