Local ghosts for local people

My favourite from the Calverley ScareyCrow Festival

Stepping out into the cold night for our Friday night fish-and-chips gave us a touch of the heebie jeebies. There was a whiff of something sinister in the air and it wasn’t the prevailing wind from the Number Twos bin in Victoria Park.

Someone, something was watching us as we navigated one of Calverley’s many ginnels. The village is ancient and used to be the dead centre of the greater Pudsey area as it was the only place with a graveyard, so coffins were carried here from miles around. We also have a couple of resident ghosts, who aren’t a lot of bother, though they do get a little giddy this time of year with all the trick-or-treaters around.

Hovering above the chippy was a devil of a ghost, we weren’t sure whether he was trying to frighten us away, or make us run inside. Up the road outside the cafe was a ghostly tea party with quite a lot of hubble, bubble and trouble, though very little toil and Pinhead was doing his scary thing up the busy Woodhall Road, with a bit of luck he was scaring the speeding drivers. Esmerelda the witch was keeping watch over the dog club and Boo the ghost had risen from his garden grave on Shell Lane. It was all very spooky.

In all there were 18 new ghosts in the village for the Scareycrow Festival, here at the invitation of Creative Calverley’s very own Ghostbuster Gael Timbers. Gael has special powers to make things happen here,  she’s brought in a community cinema, craft market, Christmas fair and now this. It was going to be a conkers challenge, but as this year’s summer was so appalling, there were no conkers to be had for love nor money. And anyway, it gave the ghosts a weekend out and about.

The last time I looked out of the window, though, the ghosts had packed their bags and were off on holiday. Esmerelda told me they were dying to get away from all the humans dressed up as ghosts and ghouls this halloween, they were either too scary or too cheesey. Can’t say I blame them, I’ll be hiding behind the sofa with the lights out on Wednesday.

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