Coffeeing the world

Rancilio Silvia – coffeeing the world

The English language has suffered some abuse of late, nouns have been verbified and adjectives subjected to superlatives. Although I won’t hear a bad word against The Greatest Games®, they do have a lot to answer for with the enverbalisation of medal and podium. In the name of Shakespeare’s English, a fie on our merrie knaves and wenches medalling and podiuming. They WON a MEDAL, and received it ON THE PODIUM, for heaven’s sake.

The latest misuse arrived with the caffeine-fuelled addition to the household. We’re already in a quandary on what to scoop up first if the place should go up in flames. Noel will grab the cat from his latest favourite sleeping place and I’ll unhook the crosstitch sampler it took me a year to complete from the wall, tuck it under my arm and leg it out of the house. Everything else is insured or backed up on a server in Switzerland.

Our new coffee maker isn’t just any old push-the-grounds-though-the-filter contraption. With the demise of our good and faithful Gaggia, which has delighted us with many an espresso with thick crema and fine-frothed latte, its replacement had to be very special indeed. Extensive research led us to the Rancilio Silvia, which promises to make exceedingly good coffee.

It arrived on Friday, so I’m writing this in a caffeine fug, twitching uncontrollably and occasionally bouncing off the walls. But not before I noticed Rancilio’s claim to greatness. Simply this, ‘coffeeing the world‘.

Coffeeing the world? Is that some new political movement? If it is, it’ll be fast and frantic, but will feel damned good. Personally, I’ll sign up today. And I’ll be facebooking that as my status update.

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