Bollywood, bindis and baggy trousers

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There’s something elegant and exotic about the fancy floaty fabrics of Asian clothes. Having worked in Bradford for the past year and admiring the colours and shapes of churidars and kameez, I was itching to have a good old girlie trying-on session.

When Janan, a new designer store opened just a stone’s throw from work, it would have been rude not to pop in, dragging Kate along to cast a critical eye. Now one thing you need to know about churidars, or trousers,  is they are nicely tapered at the ankle, but spreading out like a huge great pair of sails to envelope the waist. There’s a heck of a lot of material and for some reason, maybe a shortage of elastic in the Asian clothing industry, there’s nothing to keep them up. So as I stepped out of the cubicle, I moved, the churidar didn’t, except to drop to the ground. So much for the feminine look, then. Fortunately I’ve threaded many a pair of knickers with elastic so knew what to do. Never have I had so much fabric around my waist, I could eat an entire bakery and no-one would notice my big belly.

Ans there was just the occasion to wear my new elasticated purchase too. A Bollywood evening at a friend’s house to raise money for charity, oh my goodness what a riot of colours! We were each given a jewelled bindi, or third eye, and more curry than a human could eat, then it was on with the show, Bride and Prejudice watched by a roomful of giggling girls in sarees and shalwar drowning out the soundtrack with our jangling bangles. Dressing up doesn’t get much better than that!

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