Not small. Not far away.

One smartphone, one tablet – or ARE they?

At just smaller than A4, the Amazon envelope that arrived for me at work was a mystery. I wasn’t expecting anything, but as Noel often gets stuff sent to me there, I just opened it. He’d ordered transparent covers for our smartphones to protect the screens from sticky fingers. A fine idea, except that they were big enough to cover both phones and have enough film left to wrap two ounces of cheese.

Making such a miscalculation from someone who prides himself in preciseness was funny, mainly because it was the second time it had happened. Last time the covers were too small, so we were OK for covering our cheese cubes.

Not being one to let something like this pass without comment, I snapped them next to my smartphone and sent it to Noel, just so he could see the size difference. Titter titter. Ah, he replied, that was the first of two parcels to arrive, the second would fit the covers as it was a new tablet he’d bought me.

How embarrassed was I? Not as much as I was going to be when Noel tactfully reminded me that actually it was me who’d not only ordered the wrong-size covers, but had also bought an oversize casing, though it did serve as a cheese board. And no-one was mentioning other size miscalculations including the conservatory carpet, which I maintain was always meant to cover just three-quarters of the floorspace. I said no-one was mentioning it, so we’ll leave it at that, shall we.

In the meantime, I won’t be as quick to snap and send. But now… it’s time to play with the new toy!


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