Please let the Olympics never end!

Cheering on Team GB, even though they weren’t playing

The Olympics just get better and better. I’m not sure whether I’ve just cried once, and it’s lasted since the flame was lit, or blubbed a hundred times as our boys and girls do their very best in front of proudly partisan supporters.

The Independent Kingdom of Yorkshire is doing very well in the medals table, better than Australia, there’s even talk of us hosting our own Olympics on Ilkley Moor (without a hat of course). All I can say is, bring it on! I’ll volunteer – hey, I’ll compete, I’m so happy I could jump over the moon!

We were regretting not bidding for tickets,  so when we got the chance to see the semi finals of the men’s footie at Old Trafford we jumped at it, especially when it was pretty much a nailed-on certainty that Team GB would trounce South Korea and would face Brazil, what a prospect! We had the flags, tattoos and everything ready to cheer on our lads, Noel drew the line at vuvuzelas. But then the Team GB game went to penalties, the rest is the continuation of football history. Though this is not a time for criticism, it’s the Olympics and Team G really can do no wrong – we did our best, we lost and Noel and I got to see Brazil play South Korea.

Just short of 70,000 people cheered on one or both teams and became expert Mexican wavers. Brazil won 3-0, it could have been more, we could have had more Mexican waves. Another fabulous day in these most wonderful Olympics. Oooo I wish it would never end!

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  1. marleneakers · August 9, 2012

    I agree, I was pretty lukewarm about it when it started but have been wrapped every session. ANOTHER Gold Medal for Yorkshire today, women’s boxing (I can’t believe I watched it) brilliant. Gold with the dancing horses, and my favourite event so far, horses dancing to music!


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