Outbreak of spontaneous hugging

One minute I was in the camping chair, mini union jack in one hand, the next I was hugging a total stranger. It couldn’t be helped, Team GB had just won their second silver medal at the London Olympics and all of us around the big screen in Bradford city centre were very pleased indeed.

It was a bit parky for late July, but a few folk were milling around City Park where sponsors had set out rows of camping chairs and giant bean bags, that’s giant bags of beans rather than bags of giant beans. Cadbury’s were handing out chocolate medals for feats of athletic ability. I got one for throwing a ball through a hoop not once, but twice, it was emotional.

But that was just a prelude to the real excitement, we were all willing Team GB to beat the Kiwis to silver in the equestrian event, knowing gold was beyond our grasp. And we did it, so what else was there to do but hug a total stranger to celebrate?. Oooo I love the Olympics – gold’s the next goal, possibly tomorrow….please!

Silver for Team GB - the scene before the hugging!


  1. Terry Jackman · July 31, 2012

    I watched Lizzie get her cycling Silver……. In that very chair!! I was then accosted by a T&A reporter. Fame at last 😉


    • stripeyanne · August 8, 2012

      “An emotional Terry Jackman” – nice to see you’re in touch with your feminine side, Terry! I was down there to see the Brownlee brothers cross the line – emotional just didn’t describe it!


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