Portraits, not snapshots!

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About 25 photographers with kit ranging from the shiny and complex to the old and simple, joined me at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, in the hope of learning something about portrait photography. I think one way or another, they did.

I don’t pretend to be an expert photographer, just a cheerful enthusiast. As part of Exposure Leeds, a social enterprise which promotes community photography I was asked by Impressions to run a couple of workshops for their visitors which would complement their work exhibition programme.

The first was a portrait workshop, something simple, something to help people take portraits and not snapshots. Simply put,the difference is, portraits have much more thought behind them, they say something about both the subject and the photographer. I encouraged them to pair up with someone else in the workshop, a stranger to them, find out a bit about them and take a portrait. Then the fun started!

The slideshow shows the photographers in action – and here’s what they did. Rather impressive, I think. Not that I can take much credit, I just talked and waved my arms a lot!

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