The biggest blogging village in Britain?

Noel gives techie advice

What’s in a blog? Well, anything you bloomin’ well want is the simple answer and someone will always be there to read it. WordPress, the biggest blogmouth of them all, has just short of 75million sites across the world, including this one. Each day there are half a million blog posts, four out of five of them get a comment from someone, somewhere. Here in our little village we’re doing our bit to increase the count by running our own little workshop, encouraging local people to start their own blogs.

Community activity in the village has reached fever pitch since the not-for-profit Creative Calverley started up with a monthly craft fair, community cinema, local walks and practical workshops on everything from bunting making to vegetable gardening. Being not so much pillars, more little supporting struts of the community, we decided we’d like to do our bit by encouraging people to get their creative cogs turning and blog.

I’m the yin to Noel’s yang, blogging my not-so-little socks off, making lots of noise and generally showing off. Noel sits quietly and impassively, the engine room, the techno guru, the one who makes things work by doing more than pressing <ctrl-alt-del>.  We decided to put the yin and yang together to create a blogging workshop. Noel would do the where to write and I’d give a helping hand with how to write it.

The first workshop was on Saturday with Joan and Julie, local ladies who’d heard about us via Creative Calverley. They left three hours later a lot wiser and keen to get on with their blogging. We learned a few thing too – and are looking forward to the next session.

Who knows, maybe we’ll become the biggest blogging village in Britain! We’ll certainly be doing our bit.

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