Choc shock

Is there such a thing as disgusting chocolate? Chocolate that tastes so tongue-tingeingly awful that it has to be spat out at speed? Chocolate that leaves such a stamp on the palette that the only way to cleanse it is to eat more chocolate, a different chocolate, very quickly?

I blame Noel, it was his turn to buy in the chocolate supplies. We’d overdosed on the multiple bars brought by our friends from Switzerland and just needed more. He spotted a ‘new’ flavour, something exotic-looking and exciting. We’d had chilli chocolate, that had a definite bite, but in a good way, so why not try wasabi? Well,here’s a reason, it’s horseradish, Japanese horseradish, part of the cabbage family. Would you have cabbage chocolate? No, no you wouldn’t, it would be green and leathery, so why would anyone think that horseradish would work?

Other than Hershey Bars, the American excuse for chocolate, I have never spat out chocolate before, this was a first. I hope it will be the last!

Wasabi chocolate, just say no!


2 thoughts on “Choc shock

  1. I have tried the the chilli chocolate; it’s definitely interesting! And I don’t think I want to imagine how the wasabi chocolate tastes like. Sounds awful. Have you tried the Lindt sea salt bar? If not, well… it might be the second time you spit out chocolate. I couldn’t stand that stuff.

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