Cake, recycled bottles and a henna tattoo

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Other than chuck those mega-super-size bottles of in the recycling bin after drinking your body weight of fizzy pop, there is an alternative, especially if you want a new greenhouse.

Eco-friendly pop drinkers at the Beeston Festival helped build a Bottlehouse using nothing but a wooden frame and hundreds of plastic bottle with their bottoms removed. Genius! It was definitely warmer inside as what little sun there was heated the bottle walls, if there had been any tomato plants, they would have grown, fruited and sun-dried on the vine.

The festival was a wonderful mish mash of cultures, languages and cake. Never have I seen to many stalls selling cake, even the political parties got in on the act, enticing voters to their awnings with promises of cake, or, in the case of the Labour Party, the chance to win a prize in the tomboy. I didn’t enter, I only ever win cans of beans in tombolas, and have that tombola luck gene which means I have enough beans to last a lifetime.

The Beeston area in South Leeds is quite a contrast to North West Leeds where we live. For us, multi-cultural is having neighbours from the Midlands and Lancashire. In Beeston it was a riot of different cultures, cuisine and chatter. I absolutely had to have a henna tattoo, even though it meant I couldn’t hold my camera for half an hour while it dried. I will make no comment on the volume of cake consumed….

One thought on “Cake, recycled bottles and a henna tattoo

  1. Joolz

    Wow I love the bottle greenhouse idea, sadly I have just weaned Marc from the perils of the famous fizzy stuff who’s makers wanted to ‘teach the world to sing’ so it would take me forever to collect enough bottles to make one since a bottle of the non fizzy stuff who’s makers sponsor the tennis, lasts Marc a life time!!!

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