500 blogs – and still blogging along

I always started the year with the best of intentions. Dewsbury Market sold a good line in cheap diaries, usually on sale in March. The kind with a padded cover, supersaturated photos of kittens with scarily large eyes and a brassy padlock to protect all the secrets it would hold.

For a couple of weeks I’d record my thoughts, of which there were many; achievements, which were fewer in number, unless you could count a complete round of sixies and sevensies bouncing the ball against the side of the house and incidents of naughtiness which I won’t go into, though tying dustbin lids to house doors so they clattered around when they opened was a classic.

But after a good start, entries became single sentences, ‘fed up’, ‘ate cake’, or ‘is it Christmas yet?’ By the end of the year there were blank pages, keeping a diary was just too much effort. Anyway, what was there to say?

This is my 500th blog, I started blogging at Christmas 2006. Social media was just getting going, I’d been uploading to Flickr, the photo-sharing network, for 18 months already and I wanted to share words. It wasn’t really a great stretch, I trained as a journalist  and have always had something to say for myself, I just didn’t have the discipline to keep on writing over a prolonged period. Until now, or rather then.

Blogging is easy and fun, it’s creative and, most important, it’s instant. You could argue that it’s easier to write in a diary, but there is something rather exciting about pressing ‘publish’ and seeing your words skitter around the ether.

Since 2006 I’ve written about most things including politics and religion. I won’t use the ‘s’ word, it’ll lead to an overload in my spam folder. It’s exercise for the brain, something I look forward to wherever I am. I’ve blogged everywhere from Chicago Airport to a mountain refuge, often with photos, oh the cleverness of it all. The sophistication of WordPress means I can see how many views my posts have had (we’re not talking hundreds here) and where they come from, all highly fascinating, the world is very small indeed.

Most of all blogging has helped me meet a whole new community of people and inspired me to learn more, do more, live more. There’s always inspiration and when inspiration fails me, I can just resort to ranting. And when there’s nothing else to say, the cat takes over the blog, he’s just as big a show-off, except he’s cuter.

Cat’s cuteness overload

4 thoughts on “500 blogs – and still blogging along

  1. Jonathan Bliss

    Congratulations on the 500 Anne. For what it’s worth I’ve set up an RSS feed and read them all. They are warm, funny and full of humanity so I’m looking forward to the next 500.

  2. And the very first one was……

    Well, actually it was the automatic one generated by your then blogging platform, Vox. So, in an echo of “is the Millennium 2000 or 2001?”, I contend that this is your 499th….

  3. wendy akers

    Happy 500th, I love them and would feel that something was missing from my life if I couldn’t read them. Bring on the next 500.

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