An embarrassing win

Oh my goodness, I won!

When I entered the competition, it wasn’t about the winning, it really was about the taking part. It would have been embarrassing to win, because I’d had the idea for the competition in the first place and put in an entry, just to get the ball rolling. But despite my worst efforts, I won. Damn, I was embarrassed!

We have a photo group at the University with enthusiastic members who, I thought, would appreciate a little encouragement, maybe an incentive. Well, I do work in PR. Our in-house printers Inprint were keen to support us, they offered a prize and they would be the judges.

What can I say? My photo of ‘texture’ on the campus won. Damn. Though my embarrassment didn’t last too long when I found my prize was an A1 canvas of a photo of my choice. I chose one of my coffee mosaics, I have quite a collection now, using the photos of coffees I have drunk over the past three years, it is quite a lot of coffee, but a sacrifice I’m prepared to make for my art.

Thanks Brian and Inprint. Apologies fellow members of Bradford University Photo Network, I’ll not win again!


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