A lovely arty glow

Art from Saltaire in our house

Creativity reached a critical mass in Sir Titus Salt’s Victorian village this weekend. Artists and art crammed the streets for the annual Saltaire Arts Trail as thousands of people visited, viewed and went away happy and, in our case, with a package of silk screen prints.

Saltaire, built by industrialist and philanthropist Sir Titus Salt to house workers at his mills in 1851 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Since then it has attracted art and artists alike, works by David Hockney, a Bradford lad, are often on show in the former mills, which are now galleries and posh shops.

The Arts Trail is a weekend of arts and crafts for families, homes become open houses where artists can show and sell their photos, paintings, pottery and prints. We wandered around, speaking to the artists, learning from them about their techniques to make etchings (acid, wax and copper,) glass platters (you only cut yourself to begin with and you don’t break that many) and that porcelain has a memory, it doesn’t like being messed around with, it goes all funny…

We visited the open house of Claire Caulfield, who has taught us silk screen printing back in March. Of course, we couldn’t leave empty-handed and her prints of New York and Venice now have pride of place on the landing.

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