Dear Royal Mail, I am not a thief

Dear Royal Mail. Rather than making my complaint public through a blog read by at least four people and translated into Catspeak for my feline fan, I would have preferred to contact you direct, but that’s proved to be difficult verging on the impossible, leaving me with the sneaking suspicion that you don’t want to hear complaints.

The customer service page on your website is anything but. It’s not good enough to post a photo of a young lady called Sarah, who I’m sure is very nice and is good to her mum, and invite people to ask a question. I don’t want to ask a question, I want to complain.

When I search for ‘complaints’ on the site, I’m offered a PDF of the procedure and can, wait for it, write a letter. Or, if I prefer, I can complain online if my gripe falls into categories such as ‘sales inquiry’, or ‘damaged goods’ where I can then, if I have a couple of hours to spare, complete a form. I suspect you want me to lose the will to go on. What’s wrong with a complaints@ email address? Eh?

Here’s the thing, I was being green. Not in the Incredible Hulk way, though I do go a funny colour when I get cross – and  I am cross. I recycled an old envelope which had stuff on it, so I covered the stuff up with labels, then stuck my stamp on, a stamp I had bought with my own money. Not that it’s any of your business, but it was a stamped addressed envelope for my number in the John Carr series of races where I will be doing my very best not to come in last.

The postie who delivered it seemed rather embarrassed as he wanted me to pay £1.12 on top of the postage I’d already forked out. It seems that the stamp was stuck on a label that could have been cut from another envelope where the stamp had already been through the postal system, remained unfranked and was therefore used, but not used, a kind of don’t buy one, but still her one free. The assumption was that I was trying to defraud the Royal Mail out of the value of a stamp. No benefit of the doubt, just a demand for money or I wouldn’t get my race number.

Well, Royal Mail, I have to tell you this was not the case. I am not a thief. But what can I do about it? Not a lot, it seems, though I could always Ask Sarah.

Royal Fail


6 thoughts on “Dear Royal Mail, I am not a thief

  1. To be fair to Royal Mail I don’t think they called you a thief, they think you underpaid postage.

    The reason I think this is that the £1.12 does not equate to a non payment. Before 30 April 2012 the cost of an ordinary unpaid letter was £1.36 – 36p for the 2nd class stamp and £1 admin fee.

    I am guessing that your letter was an A4 or a large letter which would have cost 58p second class. Therefore the underpayment was 12p (58p – 46p) and the Admin fee taking it to £1.12.

    When they work out surcharges Royal Mail always base it on the cheapest service available which is why I have posted the 2nd class prices.

  2. Thanks, TBT. I see you’re administrator of the chat forum for Royal Mail employees who have upped my stats no end – and that’s before the cat gets to click on it!

    The envelope is A5 so had the correct postage. The explanation of the excess charge was given by the very apologetic and always helpful postie at Pudsey who I accept was only doing his job (they are overworked and underpaid there, but I suspect you know that anyhow!)

      1. Hi TBT. Nope, it had just two sheets of paper, nowhere near 5mm. Mind you, Crozier had a lot to answer for, didn’t he…….. maybe that’s another blog!

  3. ruth

    You generated a bit of interest! – I have always felt this 5mm thing is a rip off too. If I go to the effort of making a handmade card for a friend – it cost me more to post than something I have bought from Tescos!

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