Coffee flavours the holiday

There’s a certain irony to keeping a coffee diary in the Mormon state of Utah. After all, the faithful do not drink coffee, nor any other stimulants such as tea or alcohol, though being a tolerant lot, they do serve it to others like us. Which may explain why the coffee there leaves something to be desired, it’s obvious that some of the coffee has never been tasted before serving.

I wouldn’t say we had the worst coffee ever over there. That crown is still firmly placed on the head of the appalling Espresso to Go by Ferrero, a plastic pouch with a mini straw, on sale in some  European garages next to the motor oil. I think I would have preferred the oil.

But still, we found good and bad on our ten-day trip. The best was definitely at the charming Windy Ridge Cafe in Park City, a good strong shot with thick crema. The worst, at Brigham City, I’ve already blogged about.

Still, the good and bad make a pretty picture and add to my growing collection in my caffeine-fuelled photo diary.

My Utah coffee diary


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