It’s getting a little warm here

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Something’s gone wrong with the thermostat over here in Utah. The usual late season snows haven’t arrived, heck, they only just turned up for the early season in what has turned out to be a bad year for the resorts. Spring has sprung and it’s not good news for the skiers!

We nearly roasted on the slopes at Park City yesterday in temperatures of 20C and made sure we finished early so we weren’t splashing through puddles on the home run. With the forecast for more of the same today, except warmer, we decided to take a day off and do the tourist thing.

High on the hills above the University of Utah are two beautiful gems. First is the Red Butte Garden, the state’s botanical gardens full of daffodils and spring bulbs and, we were warned, the odd rattlesnake. Not like at home, then.

The Natural History Museum, just across from the gardens is just wonderful. The building itself is clad in copper and brimming with eco-friendly sustainable features including about a million solar panels. Utah does have an awful lot of natural history, mass dinosaur graveyards have yielded lots of full skeletons to dominate the displays. I was particularly impressed with the resident Mad Scientist who hosts children’s birthday parties. She gets to wear rainbow-coloured clothes and carry out wacky experiments with Jell-o. I wonder if they have any vacancies for that position?

Fortunately snow is on the way, so we’ll be back on the slopes tomorrow.

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