On the front row

There were just a couple of seats left and, bloomin’ ‘ummer, they were on the front row. Great, I thought, right there in the firing line, with my knobbly knees and Red or Dead shoes on display. But at least I won’t be near the TV cameras, they’ll be pointing at Ed Milliband when he comes in the the question and answer session at the university. That just shows how wrong you can be.

Next week’s by-election in Bradford, caused by the resignation of current Labour MP due to ill health, has attracted the big gun politicians from all parties. Today Ed Milliband came to the university to by quizzed by a selection of local people and a few of our students. The students, all undergraduates, all had ideas on what they wanted to ask. I’d met and briefed them, then taken them to the meeting room. I thought I’d be able to blend seamlessly into the background.

Ed had requested a circle of chairs, with a tall table for his notes. My seat wasn’t far from the table, but Ed did a nifty about turn and the next thing I knew, he was in front of me and the cameras were clicking, flashing and whirring. All the time he was talking, I was behind, trying not to look gormless or pick my nose and get caught on camera. I think I got away with it…..

Ed meets the students



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