I am a rainbow

I am red. I am black. I am yellow. I am a quirky shade of lilac carefully mixed with blue, red, white and a few drops of spilled coffee.I am Silk Screen Printing Woman and Noel, who is a lighter and darker shades of pale, is Silk Screen Printing Man. Together we are – er – very colourful, very happy and the creators of three sets of limited edition artwork.

The galleries aren’t clamouring for our work yet. Heck, give them time, the paint is hardly dry and our phones have been out of order due to Vodaphone’s lack of understanding of the term ‘direct debit’. Still, they’ll be fixed tomorrow, so it’s only a matter of time.

Our weekend’s activities at my old school, now the West Yorkshire Print Workshop, were a privileged shoulder-rubbing with art and artists, led by the extremely talented Clare Caulfield who, it turns out, is a near neighbour. She patiently took us through the backwards-way-round thinking of screen printing, starting with the finished article, then figuring out how each of the colours needs a different screen. And each of the screens needs a cocktail of chemicals and cut-outs, along with hoiking around big bits of kit, and exposure to ultra violet light. Not for the faint-hearted. Mistakes were made. Ooops.

There was an immense amount of faffing, splattering of paint and sighs of satisfaction. I kept my much-loved coffee theme, Noel mixed and matched mountain colours and I had a go at adapting a favourite photo from Utah.

It’s a mystery how so much paint got into so many places, and absolutely unbelievable how much we ache. Art and creativity do that to a person, I’m told. Anyway, we loved it and we’ll do it again, once we’ve sold enough of our art to pay for another session. It may be some time…..

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