Ah, so you brought your mum….

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The campus is throbbing with activity as wannabe students flock to the open days to check out what Big School has to offer. They look so young and scared, it’s a far cry from the sixth form where they are the oldest and the wisest.

I snuck into the session run by SCIM, the School of Computing, Informatics and Mathematics, somewhere I’d not normally be qualified to enter, what with all that fancy C++, lines of code and sums that try to add letters and curly brackets. But hidden in there is the Media School, home of many whizzy gadgets.

The wonderful Will Godfrey, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, wowed the assembled youngsters with tales of fantastic futures in the world of media. I almost wished I could join them and go back to student days with all the possibilities undergraduate life can offer…. Almost. I would significantly affect the average age of the class and am certainly older than most of the lecturers. Damn.

The snake of students was led around the studios and rooms full of kit, cameras and cables. The department is particularly proud of its new £1.5million outside broadcast unit which was – errr – outside. We were greeted by the cheery Chris who, as I brought up the rear, eyeballed me and quipped ‘ah, good to see the parents here too’. No, I told him, I was staff. Still cheery, he tried a recovery ‘But I suppose you’re a parent…’ Nope, Chris, carry on digging. ‘Ah, but maybe you will be….’ That would certainly be a surprise to all concerned!

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