Mud, mud, glorious mud…..

Pre-mud with the Eccleshill Road Runners

“So then,” the Monday morning conversation usually starts. “What did YOU do this weekend?”. “W-e-l-l,” I said, “it was about mud.” Yes, mud. Mud on my shoes, mud in my shoes, mud under my nails, all my nails including the ingrowing ones. Mud in my hair, mud on my teeth and finally a certain amount of mud in my stomach. Yes, this weekend I ran a cross country.

Now I’m a card-carrying member of the England Athletics (England Athletics – Growing The Next Generation of Athletics Champions) and a member of a proper running club, I can enter all sorts of races. I use the word ‘race’ in its loosest term, in that I don’t actually race, I just tag along. Anyway this weekend I ran a cross country and did I mention it was muddy?

Who would have thought the five miles between Horsforth and Calverley could hold so much mud? Amazingly, I didn’t fall, though did some spectacular slides and splashes. And do you know what, it was great fun!  There’s another seven cross country events and any amount of mud to come… oh joy! Maybe I should get brown shoes… and brown kit…. brown is the new black….

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