My dentist is my tour guide

Asturias, the first time we saw it

My dentist wrote me a prescription, no more antibiotics, thank goodness. But he was very insistent that what he put down on the yellow Post-It note would do me a great deal of good, from my teeth to my toes.

I’ve had many excellent conversations with my dentist, Aaron Lopez-Lago Garcia. Well, when I say conversations, he speaks and I gurgle or spuffle, depending on how many implements are rattling around in my mouth at the time.

It turns out Aaron is from Asturias, Northern  Spain, the very place our friends Liz and John moved to more than four years ago. We have, of course, visited them there. He’s amazed, nay staggered, one of his patients has not only been to his homeland, but has tasted the goodies there (it is the marzipan capital of the world and I do love marzipan) and enjoyed the excellent rijoa and cider.

In between the ‘urgle’, ‘splff’ and “gaaaaa” responses from me, Aaron established that we’d been to many of the places he knows and loves. All except one, which he wrote down for me: Covadonga and its basilica.

“You must go there, I insist!” he said. When the man with the drill in his hands insists, who am I to argue? In fact, I’m on the interweb booking now……

4 thoughts on “My dentist is my tour guide

  1. wendy akers

    this is spooky. do you remember when James jumped off that wall in northern Spain (Galicia, next door to Asturias) and broke his leg, the guy who sorted him out came from a few miles away from that spot. My point is, how come the NHS in Wakefield has two practitioners from the Spanish mountains? Just lucky | suppose.

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