Slight navigational mishap

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How many skiers does it take to navigate a mountain when there are big, obvious signs everywhere? Well today it was three, but mostly it was me, but I can explain and it turned into an adventure – and a proposition…!

The skies here in the Trois Valleés are sapphire blue, the snow is deep and crisp and uneven and we’re skiing our legs to stumps. Today Noel was doing his ski instructing bit, so Simon and James ‘volunteered’ to ski with me and keep me out of trouble.

Simon started the whole getting lost thing by heading off piste, he had a great time, James ended up in the trees and I found myself at the top of a steep mogul field. I got down, but with absolutely no style or grace.

Then James veered off, when he said he was going down the piste called Anenome, he really meant he’d point his skis down Renard. As we pointed out when we eventually got to the bottom, with friends like James, who needs anenome….

But top prize went to me with a faux pas at the sniggeringly-named Coqs. We were supposed to meet up there, but I missed the big obvious turning and ended up at the bottom of the mountain. Fortunately I fell in with a group of jolly Brits who implored me to join them for vin chaud and cordial company. One older fellow was particularly keen to get to know me better. I politely declined – and made my way solo to Coqs. There Simon and James were waiting for me with a coffee and plenty of comments about navigational cock-ups. Guilty as charged. Still, that’s not likely to happen again, is it?

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