Getting knitted out for the slopes

What to do after a day of hard skiing? The chalet will be warm and welcoming, though the only screen will be in front of the fire and won’t have a channel changer. Books are for bedtime and can be a tad anti social and I for one will be in danger of falling asleep and embarrassing myself in front of the six strangers we’ll be staying with, by either drooling, or snoring, or both.

So, inspired by a trip to Texere yarns, a converted mill in Bradford city centre housing an explosion of coloured knitting wool, I bought needles and enough coloured stuff to knit an apres ski scarf. Now, I’ve not picked up knitting needles for ages, years, decades, so the predicted two days estimated to finish it may turn into 20. But still, if it keeps me from snoring, it’ll be a relief to the rest.

Coffee and knitting and coffee

So off we trot to the alpine slopes where there’s been so much snow they’ve closed most of the lifts. A great end to a week where I was thrilled to be chosen as Eccleshill Road Runners’ Member of the Month.Gosh!

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