So I wrote myself a note

A couple of the Christmas lights had gone, they were being packed away anyhow, but I knew I’d never remember until I put them on the tree again, switch on and, hey, nothing. So I wrote myself a note.

“Dear Me”, I started. I tend not to use my first name, it seems a little too formal, though some form of salutation is definitely in order, for politeness’ sake. “These lights won’t work when you switch them on, so don’t try. Just go out and buy some spares, plus a couple of those with the white ends, they seem to be important.”

How to finish a missive to me? “Kind Regards”? “Sincerely”? “Love and kisses?”. Then the thought occurred to me, why not take the opportunity to give my future self a few words of advice? A few words discussing my current expectations with future hopes.

All in all, 2011 was a year of revolution and turmoil throughout the world. The Arab Spring, the London riots, the Japanese earthquake, the Royal Wedding. My own world had less trouble, most of it related to the economic downturn, the lack of work. To be honest by the end of the year, we got fed up of wittering and worrying. I mean, after all, we had a roof over our heads, we could grow potatoes, raspberries, mange tous and tomatoes in the garden. We could forage for mushrooms.  And we have a stove, so heat’s not a problem, with plentiful supplies in Calverley Woods. The vegetarian diet could be a bit of a challenge for the cat, but he’ll manage. He knows how to catch mice – he knows how to, he just doesn’t ever feel the need with Felix Marinades on offer. So why worry? And there was all the great stuff, the fun we had, the laughs and the friends we shared them with. And do you know what? That’s what mattered most.

My note, then, didn’t bother with the big stuff, it just said this:

“Dear Me. Don’t forget, run well, ski well, climb well, be good to your mates. Be kind”. Let’s see how that works out. Happy new year!

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