Beans, not Barry

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The tombola at the Student Union Christmas fair promised everything from beans to Barry Manilow and it was those old 33-and-a-thirds that caught my eye. Oooo the nostalgia oozing out of those album sleeves. Even though I’ve nothing to play them on and don’t particularly like Bazza, there was something about those old LPs that took me back to teenage years and making instant judgement on my peers based on the musical tastes on display in their record racks.

All I had to do was pick a ticket ending in a zero or five. And for just 20p a throw, I reckoned an investment of £2 was well worth it if I was to take home those prized albums. Oo the suspense! I wondered out loud whether the two students knew what the large black discs were and if they had tried to get the music out of them by sticking a USB into the album sleeve. Yes, the told me, of course they’d heard of records, their grandparents had them, back in the days of BC – Before Computers.

Oh joy, I had a winning ticket. Oh damn, it wasn’t the 75 on the LPs. It was 40. I had won a tin of beans. Ah well, I couldn’t have played the LPs, but at least I can eat the beans.


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