The lesser of two weevils

400g raisins

400g currants

400g sultanas

400g butter

400g dark brown sugar

8 eggs

Spices, treacle, vanilla

500g plain flour

One small weevil

Thank goodness I had all the ingredients for this year’s Christmas cakes. Up until now I’ve had to improvise, but now, thanks to the inferior quality of the flour from Jamie’s favourite supermarket, I had not just one weevil, but two.

To be honest, it freaked me out. Sifting flour is usually just a little shake, a couple of lumps and that’s it. I don’t usually expect Something Else, least of all something living, wriggling and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww – I just had to scream and summon Noel, drag him away from some pretty serious programming to deal with it. Or rather them.

Noel bravely took over the sieve, looked at the recipe and asked if I wanted the smaller creature for the cakes. It was, he pointed out, the lesser of two weevils.

He got his coat.

The silver wedding cake I made for Ruth and Andy. No weevils involved.


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