Knee-high photowalk

What’s the collective noun for excited young photographers? A click? A clique? A giggle? A gaggle?  Aghast? Give kids a camera, a hint of an idea, a football field and watch their imaginations run riot. I did, it was glorious!

What seemed like a couple of hundred excited children, but in reality numbered a couple of dozen, converged on Hunslet Youth Club for the first ever LSx Junior, a mini technology festival for key stage one and two run by enthusiasts and volunteers. I, with my Exposure Leeds hat on, was one of them.

Youngsters could try their hands at making lamps using old phone chargers and LEDs,  animating Lego shapes, putting together a pinhole camera using that rather old-fashioned spool film and taking photos.

The photowalk was simple. Children, accompanied by their parents set off around the football field, with the instructions to stop every 20 steps and take a photo of something interesting, a shape, a texture, a person – whatever. It is amazing what they came up with!

On return to the club, they were invited to shoot the grown-ups, with their cameras of course. I also suggested they made them pose… and they did, in the way that only kids can. So their imaginations went into overdrive as they to the grown-ups to a) dance a jig, b) pick their noses, c) pretend someone had just farted. Kids, eh?

Have a look at the fun we had:

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2 thoughts on “Knee-high photowalk

  1. wendy akers

    what a brilliant idea, the pleasure and concentration of the children is magic. I think it would work as well in many other contexts where children struggle to be engaged by a subject. Our children/grandchildren live their lives on a screen now, we should harness that.

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