Cress Pentre?

Our modest press office has decamped into a kind of satellite orbiting the celestial body inhabited by national and international media for the British Science Festival, the Press Centre. Or, as those witty hacks have re-configured it with a Spooneristic swapping of signage, the Cress Pentre.

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The University of Bradford is host to the annual sharing and celebration of all things scientific. Some very clever people have shared their very very clever ideas and inventions with us lesser mortals and we’re all humbled.

Our job has been to make sure that the Bradford academics, with their groundbreaking lie detector test and cancer ‘smartbomb’ are up there with the best of them. And so it has turned out to be, the phones have never stopped ringing, email boxes are full and I think we’ve broken Twitter.

Today was one long procession of TV and radio journalists marvelling over a system developed by our Centre for Visual Computing to catch porkie tellers. Unfortunately, they needed a mug to sit in the background while the professor was interviewed. That mug was me – ’nuff said.

The rushing around is good exercise as I’ve not even had time to get into my running kit, let alone use it. My sandwich today was eaten on the steps of the computer building, which stirred the curiosity of all who passed by, including one man who’d just finished his PhD, he was walking around in a daze of euphoria at getting the damned thing over with and worry about what he’ll do next, he has no job.

Two more days to go, we’ve already had the BBC, ITV, Sky News, BBC World Service, BBC Asian Network, Irish Times, The Times, Sun, Mirror, Guardian, CNN, ABC Sydney, and New York Times feature the university. Tomorrow, it’s the Brazilian News Service. I’m wondering who’s left to come to the Cress Pentre!

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